#20 no more talking

Принцесса в доме может быть только одна!
Yesterday was the harderst day this year. Some may say, that's again another one drug addicted commited suicied. Why do you care? I DO care, people. I was and I am huge LP fan. Right now I feel hard to imagine the rest of my life with no opportunity to see the LP that I loved on the stage once more (though if they won't break down, find new singer or Shinoda will sing Chester's parts, or I don't know what).

I DO love their last album. And the same goes for this song. No more talking to yourself Chester, RIP.

2017-07-27 в 23:53 

Где тут лайки ставят?

2017-08-01 в 11:59 

Veariana Ilisch
Just wait, though wide she may roam, always a hero comes home!
malltaf, вот оно, дитя современной цивилизации. Словами тут лайки ставят )


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